Anonymous: This is literally like an episode of gossip girl


Except we hate savannahsource 10x more than B and S hated GG

Anonymous: How about you don't delete but just leave it there so others can still enjoy?

Hahahaah I love you

bouttaboca: Brig ur fuckin babe

Brig sorry I’m on my phone babyyyy, Ily!


bouttaboca: Babyyyy :( I'm bri

Bring?????? :(((

Anonymous: how old r u? ur Brazilian ?

I’m 18, yesss

I’ll love to have you all with me on my personal tumblr:

Anonymous: At lot of people need to understand that you have grown out of this blog and is no longer for you anymore. You have a life that needs your attention also and you have no time for this blog, you will be missed and thank you for everything

Oh my god, I love you now!!! This is exactly why I’m deleting… 2, 3 years ago, I had time to this, I was a good fc hahaha now I just reblog a few pictures… Thank you so much… I’ll miss people like you :(

Anonymous: You're not old for this blog bb! One of the blogs the owner is 20!

I’m on university, I have a boyfriend, I’m not on my parent’s house anymore, it’s hard to have this blog :(

Anonymous: Please DO NOT delete this blog !

Sorry :(

Anonymous: de onde você é?